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Webinar: CDC’s Community Guide: Improving the Science of Built environment and Public Health for Physical Activity

May 6, 2015 at 2 p.m. EDT

CDC’s rigorously vetted Community Guide provides evidence-based interventions and recommendations for addressing public health challenges and chronic disease factors. Historically, however, the Guide has included very little on one of the greatest community features that determines health: the built environment – but recently that’s changing. In this webinar, participants will hear about new updates to the Community Guide that focus specifically on built environment factors to improve physical activity, and hear some examples of how to implement such interventions at the local level.


Greg Heath, University of Tennessee: Dr. Heath will provide a brief historical perspective and overview of how the built environment came to be included in the Community Guide, with an emphasis on transportation policy and planning and how those factors contribute to physical activity behaviors in different settings.

David Hopkins, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Dr. Hopkins will provide an overview of what community guide is, why the CDC considers built environment interventions key for increasing physical activity, and some of the challenges in evaluating evidence of impact for such interventions, particularly single v. combined exposures.

Katherine Hebert, Creating Community Change Consulting: Building upon the previous speakers, Ms. Hebert will offer a practitioner’s perspective and offer next steps and additional resources on implementing built environment interventions to promote physical activity.

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